The Carl & Emily Fuchs Foundation is a private philanthropic institution that makes grants in order to fund development initiatives, nationally within South Africa.

The Foundation was established on 1 August 1969 by its founders - Dr Carl and Mrs Emily Fuchs - primarily as a result of the wealth created by the CJ Fuchs (Pty) Ltd group of companies that had been established by them during 1929. Due to them not having children of their own, the Foundation was further bolstered by the proceeds from their personal estates.

Over the many years of grantmaking, much of our funding has been focused in the areas of child care, health services and educational programmes. The Foundation is also registered as a non-profit organization (NPO) and a public benefit organization (PBO).

The Foundation facilitates integrated sustainable development, particularly in disadvantaged communities/groups, in order to contribute meaningfully to improving the quality of life of all South Africans, as well as to promoting excellence in a number of defined focus areas.

Here at the Foundation, we believe that grantmaking is neither about money, nor do we perceive funding to be the primary facilitator of development. Rather, we promote the mobilization of diverse resources and the practice of forming meaningful partnerships. We are proud of a track record that attests to building long-term relationships, which aim at ensuring sustainable development, enhancing organizational capacity, optimising human empowerment and undertaking rigorous impact assessment - jointly aimed at making a real difference.