Established 50 years ago, The Carl & Emily Fuchs Foundation is a local philanthropic trust that focuses in three strategic grantmaking areas. The Foundation promotes a particular ethos to grantmaking practice and the facilitation of development, firmly rooted in the principles and culture of its founders.

We continuously strive toward excellence in our funding initiatives and we are particularly proud of our history of forming long-term partnerships with many beneficiaries. Discover here who we are, where we come from, what our philosophy is and come meet the people that you will interact with at the Foundation.

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Every professional grantmaking organisation focuses its funding within a number of (or, sometimes, in a singular) focus area. Here at the Foundation, our strategy includes three such areas within which we would like to make a contribution, facilitate development and measure our impact.

They are:

Youth Empowerment & Child Development
Innovation in Heath Services
Excellence in Higher Education

In this section, learn about our grantmaking strategy and focus areas, find out what we do and don't fund, establish how to apply for a grant and read our responses to some frequently asked questions.

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Our funding is organised in cycles that differ in duration - some annual grants (referred to as historic giving) are ongoing, while larger projects (the so-called social investment and development grants) typically are defined within specific project periods. National flagship projects, based on a pre-identified theme, are multi-year funding agreements that comprise longer cycles - often four to five years in duration.

See here the most recent/current call-for-proposals, determine whether there are any planned future funding opportunities and see a brief overview of past grants and projects.

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Apart from the current national flagship project (please see Our 50th Anniversary) the largest grantmaking initiative ever to have been undertaken by the Foundation was our 40th Anniversary Project, known as "Healing Kids". The project managed to focus right in the heart of our three focus areas - those of childcare, health services and educational programmes - in that the funding was done where these three focus areas intersect: paediatric health care in the public sector.

The project consisted of two main components: the so-called Phase 1, which established and/or capacitated four resource mobilisation organisations that would, jointly, go on to raise millions of Rands for their respective paediatric causes; and Phase 2, that aimed to directly improve the quality of paediatric care in twelve public hospitals of South Africa, based on a particular model.

Read here about the two phases and their impressive results - both in terms of fundraising performance and the impact on reducing infant mortality rates.

Healing Kids: National Project | Phase 1: Resource Mobilisation | Fundraising Performance & Results | Phase 2: Reducing Infant Mortality Rates | Project Impact | Thank You & Feedback

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On 1 August 2019, the Foundation will be marking our 50th Anniversary. In celebration of this important milestone, we designed and introduced a national flagship project, branded Fuchs - The Golden Years.

The project was launched during early 2016 and will culminate in the actual Anniversary celebration, later this year. The best performing project out of the current twelve beneficiary organisations is to be announced on the day and the recipient is to be rewarded by a "grand prize" in the form of an additional R1 million grant.

Read here about the Anniversary project, see the call-for-proposals, meet the beneficiaries, watch a video that provides an overview of the project and discover (shortly) who the winners are.

The Golden Years - Anniversary Project | 50th Anniversary Event | Anniversary Call | Anniversary Project Partners | Showcasing The Anniversary Projects | The Best Performing Anniversary Project


The Foundation has a proud record of nurturing long-standing partnerships. You are most welcome to contact us - either telephonically or via email. A user-friendly opportunity has been created for you to send us an email directly from this website (see below). We do have a request, though: please do not send us the "lazy" email, asking "how to apply" or "where do I get an application form" - it is a clear indication of not having read the website (which clearly guides applicants "how to apply") - thank you!

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